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Sow Wheat… #Quote

“As the labourer sows his wheat, he must know that he is helping forward the work of life, instead of rejoicing that Death walks at his side. We may no longer consider death as the chastisement of prosperity or the consolation of distress, for God has decreed it neither as the punishment nor the compensation of life. Life has been blessed by Him, and it is no longer permissible for us to leave the grave as the only refuge for those whom we are unwilling to make happy.”

– George Eliot, The Devil’s Pool (1917).

It’s about taking that next step, and then the next, and the next. And, before we know it, we’re carrying on with life, and we (hopefully) are past the worst part of it. Perhaps, somewhere along the way, we’ll become caught up in living, in all that we do to make a life.

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